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Every glass should always be half full 

Ottimista  Fine Wines and Spirits is an international wine and spirit agency whose main customer is LCBO.


Here are some reasons Ottimista is your choice:

  • We are truly optimistic that our long time experience will provide you with a successful relationship between you supplier, and LCBO: we’ve been in this business since 1995

  • We represent the finest wines and spirits from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Slovenia as well as organic/sustainable products 

  • We are dedicated to your success and we work with the LCBO to promote and market your exclusive products

  • When we represent your winery we want to promote non only your products, but also your story, your passions and your wine making, to better build your brand


Ask  now, how we can start working together (no cost or contract involved)

Looking forward to keep filling the glasses!

Find here how to work with the LCBO

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